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Who We Are

All who seek peace within themselves and with each other are welcome at Oasis.


Participants include people from all walks of life, of all ages and orientations, and any faith or nonfaith background. Each individual determines their degree of participation, with some involved in just one Passion Cluster and others involved in almost everything on offer!


During a given week we discuss books, knit prayer shawls, heal via crystal singing bowls, meditate, sing, potluck… Sunday services are a blend of casual and formal, silly and serious, new and traditional.

Oasis ‘sprung forth’ in 2008, as a response to a community’s vision. We sing heartily and often, play together, ensure relevant support for our children, and welcome innovation and new energy.


Based in Penticton, Oasis is a member congregation of the United Church of Canada. An “open and affirming congregation,” it has made a public covenant of welcome to persons of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions.

Oasis’ vision as:

 ...a spiritual oasis   

Our mission statement notes that Oasis is:


  • Rooted in Christian hospitality, we are an oasis for all who seek a safe place for spiritual deepening. 

  • We welcome all to this community of inclusion, learning and compassion. People matter. 

  • We commit to the wellness of our world, and work for reconciliation with all of creation. 



Oasis United is facilitated by a leadership team. These volunteers are committed to ensuring the above mission and values are supported. As of February 2017, the team consists of: Corinne Durston, Mary Fields, Lyn McDonald (presbytery rep), Brenda Kroschinsky (Ministry & Personnel rep), and Ken Jones (minister).

Please feel free to contact any of the above for information about (or for confidential conversation regarding) congregation administration, leadership, staffing, new ideas, and so on. Contact information for each is available through the Oasis office. Among its many tasks, the leadership team hires staff passionate about fulfilling the congregation’s needs and goals.


Please contact our minister, Ken Jones, for spiritual support, conversation about United Church of Canada theology, and so on. Please contact our office administrator, Sheilah, for any volunteer’s contact information, as well as in regards to donations, room rentals, building maintenance concerns, communications, Oasis’ events, and so on. Please contact our music director, Sandy, with requests, ideas, and offerings around music at our Sunday services.

Passion Cluster Team Leads

Finally, each Passion Cluster has at least one volunteer from within the congregation serving as “team lead.” This person works diligently to organize or facilitate meetups and is the contact person for the group.

Contact Any of The Above

To reach any of the above volunteers or staff, please request the person’s email address, text number, or phone number from the Oasis office.

Thank You, Participants and Leaders! The life and energy of Oasis depends on countless participants. We are truly thankful to each person who makes Oasis happen—whether by participating in a passion cluster or Sunday service, cleaning or repairing the building, donating funds, organizing the innumerable admin tasks, expressing gratitude, or providing constructive feedback and new ideas. Thank you! Your participation counts and matters.